We want you to understand what personal information about you is collected through this Web site.

We collect information you provide through an online loan application at this site when you submit the completed application. The information in your online loan application includes but is not limited to, your name, address, Social Security number, telephone number, e-mail address, income and occupation.

You can visit this site and find out about our products and services or use other value-added services without giving us any personal information about you.

If you are a customer, details about the personal information about you we collect and how it may be disclosed is contained in our Privacy Notice.

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When you click on a link contained on this site, you may leave this site and go to another Web site maintained by Citigroup, one or more affiliates or divisions of Citigroup, or possibly a non-affiliated third party. Linked sites maintained by Citigroup, or one or more of its affiliates or divisions, may have their own cookie policies. Linked sites maintained by non-affiliated third parties may have a cookie policy different from that of Citigroup and/or its affiliates.

Additionally, non-customers who receive a promotional email message about our products and services may elect to not receive further promotional email messages in accordance with the instructions we provide in the promotional email message. If you elect not to receive these messages, we will retain your e-mail address solely for the purposes of facilitating your request.

Information that you provide to us online, and in your online loan application, may be accessed and changed by contacting us. To protect your privacy, proof of identity or other authentication is required. To contact us, see Contact Us.

From time to time, we may change this Internet Privacy Policy. The effective date of this policy, as stated below, indicates the last time this policy was revised or materially changed. Checking the effective date below allows you to determine whether there have been changes since the last time you reviewed the policy.

This policy was last modified 7/15/2007.

Our Privacy Notice

Our goal is to maintain your trust and confidence when handling personal information about you.

You Have Choices: As a CitiFinancial* or CitiFinancial Plus** customer, you have the opportunity to make choices about how personal information about you may be shared. As you consider this, we encourage you to make choices that enable us to provide you with quality products and services that help you meet your financial needs and objectives.

Security of Personal Information: The security of personal information about you is our priority. We protect this information by maintaining physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that meet applicable law. We train our employees in the proper handling of personal information. When we use other companies to provide services for us, we require them to protect the confidentiality of personal information they receive.

About This Notice: This notice tells you how we collect, handle, and disclose personal information about you. If you want to limit our disclosing this information, please see the Privacy Choices Form at the end of this notice. If you are a joint accountholder, we will accept instructions from either of you and apply them to the entire account. This notice applies to both current and former customers.

We may change this notice from time to time. If we do, we will notify you as required by applicable law.

* All references for CitiFinancial DBA Associates International Holdings Corporation.

** All references for CitiFinancial Plus DBA CitiFinancial Services of Puerto Rico, Inc.

Personal Information We Collect And May Disclose: The personal information we may collect about you comes from the
following sources:

• Information we receive from you, such as your name, address, and telephone number,

• Information about your transactions, such as your account balances, payment history and account activity, and

• Information we receive from consumer reporting agencies and other sources, such as your credit bureau reports
  and other information relating to your creditworthiness.

We may disclose any of the above information that we collect to affiliates and nonaffiliated third parties as described below.

The term “personal information”, as used in this notice, means information that identifies you personally. We may use information which does not personally identify you to help manage our businesses and to provide us, our affiliates, and other companies insight into consumer spending behavior. We may do this even if you ask us to limit disclosure of personal information about you, as described in the Privacy Choices Form.

Affiliates To Whom We May Disclose Personal Information: Our affiliates are the family of companies controlled by Citigroup. Affiliates to whom we may disclose personal information about you are in several different businesses, including banking, credit cards, consumer finance, securities and insurance. Our affiliates include those doing business under the names Citi Assurance Services, Citibank, CitiFinancial Retail Services, CitiMortgage, Primerica, Smith Barney, CitiFinancial, and CitiFinancial Plus.

Nonaffiliated Third Parties To Whom We May Disclose Personal Information: Nonaffiliated third parties are those not part of the family of companies controlled by Citigroup. We may disclose personal information about you to the following types of nonaffiliated third parties:

• Financial services providers, such as companies engaged in banking, credit cards, consumer finance, securities
  and insurance, and

• Non-financial companies, such as companies engaged in direct marketing and the selling of consumer products
  and services.

If you fill in Box 1 on the Privacy Choices Form, we will not disclose personal information about you to nonaffiliated third parties except as follows. First, we may disclose personal information about you as described above in "Personal Information We Collect and May Disclose" to third parties that perform marketing services on our behalf or to other financial institutions with whom we have joint marketing agreements. Second, we may disclose personal information about you to third parties as permitted by law, such as disclosures necessary to process and service your account, to protect against fraud and to protect the security or confidentiality of our records.

Your Privacy Choices: This section describes your privacy choices. Please remember that we will continue to protect your personal information regardless of your privacy choices.

Disclosing to Nonaffiliated Third Parties (Box 1): As described in this notice, we will limit the personal information about you that we disclose to nonaffiliated third parties if you fill in Box 1 on the Privacy Choices Form.

Sharing With Citigroup Affiliates (Box 2): Our ability to share information with our affiliates helps us to more easily provide you with quality products and services to meet your financial needs and goals.

The law allows us to share with our affiliates any information about our transactions or experiences with you. Unless otherwise permitted by law, we will not share with our affiliates other information that you provide to us or that we obtain from third parties (for instance, credit bureaus) if you fill in Box 2 on the Privacy Choices Form.


Please allow approximately 30 days from our receipt of your privacy choices for them to become effective.

If you are also a customer of other Citigroup affiliates and you receive notice of their intent to share certain information about you, you will need to separately notify them if you do not want them to share such information.


CITIFINANCIAL and CITIFINANCIAL PLUS are registered service marks of Citigroup Inc.

PRIVACY CHOICES FORM: If you want to limit disclosures of personal information about you as described in this notice, just fill in the appropriate box or boxes to indicate your privacy choices and provide all of the requested information. Then, send this form to the address listed below. Be sure to include account numbers since your privacy choices will be applied only to accounts listed.


1. Limit the personal information about me that you disclose to nonaffiliated third parties.

2. Limit the personal information about me that you share with Citigroup affiliates.

Please provide all of the requested information so that CitiFinancial can correctly administer your request.

My CitiFinancial or CitiFinancial Plus account(s) number(s) (list each account):



Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

City, State: _____________________________________________

Zip: _____________________________________________________

If you filled in any of the boxes above, please mail this form in a stamped envelope to:

Privacy Choices
CitiFinancial/CitiFinancial Plus
300 St. Paul Place BSP13A
Baltimore, MD 21202

Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act Notice: The 2003 “Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act” requires us to provide you with the following notice: we may provide information regarding your account to a credit reporting agency including, late payments, non-paid installments or any other failure to comply with your account requirements that may be reflected in your credit report.

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